Sometimes as a writer, it's easy to get stuck in your bedroom writing and re-writing. I am in the process of going through more revisions with Raspberry Magic, getting it to a state that I'm completely happy with, and it's tough. This is the round of revisions which really have to make the script pop. Anyway, to get some details for the story, I spent a few hours at a wonderful little nursery here in Santa Monica. In a short amount of time, I learned so much, it was amazing. I got a feel for a small neighborhood nursery like the one in my story, but most importantly, I got to be around people who love plants. I love plants, but it's a fairly new interest for me. But being around people who are extremely passionate around them was infectious. I learned so much about about the different philosophies in caring for plants. I have to keep reminding myself that as a writer, it is my job to get out and see the world, observe. This is what always drew me to writing, and I did so much research as a journalist and documentary filmmaker. But fiction writing also requires in depth research. In fact, any time you can put yourself in front of the genuine article, your writing will feel that much more authentic. Plus, it's great to get out and be around people!! Oh, and the funny thing was, Lauren Hutton was at this nursery! Apparently, she is a hardcore gardener and comes in there three times a week!



My husband and I spent the last two weeks traveling through Greece and Turkey to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary, and just to travel! I am a huge fan of traveling for the sake of travel, I definitely have a bad case of wanderlust, but it's tough to get out these days with work, the film, etc. After college, a friend of mine and I spent three months wandering through Asia, checking out the sites and going nuts at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand, which was truly amazing. Over the past few years, I've gone to India for a few weddings, and Costa Rica, but nothing as long as that trip. This trip to Turkey and Greece was lovely, the Greece isles, especially Santorini were as picturesque as I had imagined. The clear blue waters against the sloping hills of the islands were serene. I especially enjoyed the architecture of Santorini, it almost looks like snow on top of the rocky cliffs, because of all the white churches and buildings. There are small winding streets that lead to little shops and restaurants, too! I loved the food in Greece, lots of vegetarian options like stuffed peppers and crepes with feta and spinach. We also went through Turkey and checked out Epheses, an ancient city, along with Hierapolis, with ruins that date back to the second century BC. These civilizations were very advanced with sewage through the cities and their own forms of writing. Having been through native villages in India, I pondered, how civilizations develop and what makes nomadic peoples decide to set up shop and build a city. It's fascinating--sometimes I wonder, in a thousand years, will New York be an ancient city with ruins that people come and check out? Will DC some day just be a skeleton of a place with the white gleaming pillars of Congress as a memory from a society long past? It is strange to visit a place like Hierapolis which was a beacon of ancient civilization and is now a decaying buildings that barely stand. I've always been an ardent student of history and these questions really fascinate me. After much needed rest and relaxation, I feel very focused. Time to hustle for the money to make Raspberry Magic, and get through this next spec. script I'm working on! I think summer in LA will be productive and fun!