Block Party

Checked out Dave Chapelle's film Block Party tonight. You can see director Michel Gondry's magic touch, as it was beautifully shot, kind of looked like those old school rock and roll films, like Gimme Shelter. Block Party had a generally cheery, feel good vibe. Kind of like, hey, reach for your dreams, 'cause life is good. Reminded me of why I'm a filmmaker. In fact, made me want to go out an shoot something right then. It was also fabulous to see the Fugees perform!


Here I am, just another indie filmmaker with a dream. I've written and directed three shorts, and I've got two completed features I'm shopping around.

I began my filmmaking dreams in the Bay area where there is a thriving indie film scene, but honestly, very few people are making a decent living at it. So recently, my husband and I moved to the City of Angels so I could pursue this crazy dream on a more commercial tip. My goal is to direct a feature in the next couple of years while working as a writer-for-hire and of course, continue teaching. So, here I am, making it happen. One of the best resources I've found in LA is Film Independent. I'm in Project Involve, a wonderful program for meeting other like-minded people!