Crazy Months

The past eight weeks of my life have been totally insane. On a personal note, my hubbie and I decided to buy a place in Culver City. We have been living in Santa Monica for four years, and totally love it, but we had wanted a bigger space, and had thought about about buying. We weren't hardcore about it, but we would look, but the prospects in Santa Monica were bleak--lots of great places that were way, way out of our price range. Anyway, so we started looking in Culver, and found a couple of cute homes that were doable. One went away right when we decided to get on it, and another opened up. We went through a lot of ups and downs in ultimately deciding, but we went ahead, and here we are... Love having the space and place, still getting adjusted to the neighborhood. On the movie front, we've spent the last few weeks polishing the score, working on the sound mix and solidifying our vfx. It's been a good process overall, as we've been working with some really amazing people. As of last week, the film is officially done! It's so hard to believe, and I'm def going through a broad range of emotions having worked on this for so long... But it's also really exciting, now we have to figure out our screening and distribution plan. We've already got a lot of companies sales agents, etc we need to send the project to, and of course, we are starting the festival run. This part of the process is nerve racking, too, because it's all about hustling on a different level and working hard to just get the film out... So, we shall see!