I've been spending some very long hours in the cutting room for the past couple of weeks. It's a tough process, sort of like writing a draft of the screenplay one more time. Going through every scene and really making it pop for the performances, story and overall arc of the film isn't easy. You see what worked and what didn't and how the film can be improved. I have to say, as a first time director, you are trying to simply just get the footage during the shoot. But then in post, you can really see where you might have gotten too much coverage, and other places where you might have had too little. The great part bout editing is that if something isn't working, you can take away, substitute or alter in order to make something flow better. Also, there is music and sound to really help fill the gaps where you might have left something out. I will say one thing, you can never really have too much coverage... The more you shoot, the better the options...


Where we're at

So, it's been an exciting and stressful couple of weeks, because we finally have a first cut. I'm liking the cut, it definitely feels like a movie, but there is much, much work to do. The process of seeing something from the script to shooting then to the screen is very interesting. It's a good/tough process, in so many ways. As a director, I see what I did well and didn't do well, and as a writer, I have the chance to really see how an idea translates to the screen. We're restructuring many portions of the film, but it's getting there. Next week, I'll spend a lot of time really digging into the cut and fleshing it out... Should be interesting.