Raspberry Magic Trailer

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After a few months of going back and forth and really figuring it out, the trailer for Raspberry Magic is finally up. Tell us what you think, join us on Facebook!


Re-Writing in Post

We've been deep in the post production process for the past few months, and it's certainly been challenging. After you actually shoot the movie and put the footage together, you realize what is working and what is not with the film. It's like, even if you have great coverage, I mean lots of shots of everything, the most important consideration is this--the emotional arc/beats of your story. Ultimately, shots are just shots, but they really mean nothing unless viewers really and truly connect with your characters and the ideas in the story. Often, those idea are conveyed one way in the script, then another on the screen. In our film, which is a pretty heavy dramatic piece, there is this whole consideration of how our protagonist, Monica, relates to the plants. Plants, of course, are inanimate objects, and visually, it is challenging to SHOW her connection to them. In some of our early test screenings, folks weren't totally getting the connection, even though visually, I shot things differently as the story progresses. So, what to do? Well, I had always thought that this movie potentially would need Voice Over. Some kind of narration to really get into Monica's head and develop her science project on a deeper level. I was somewhat against it in the beginning, but as we added it, and started screening the piece for people, it was a whole different experience. People really got what Monica's connection to the plants was, and how her character grew/changed. Now, the VO I presently have in there is clunky and awkward, but I'm spending the next few weeks re-writing and polishing it. I think it will be good, once the writing is good... Anyway, lots of work to do this summer on all fronts!