The Power of Fun

I think that sometimes in life when you're dragging and things don't seem to be going anywhere, you just need to bust out and have a little fun. I've been so down on myself for not getting this new script into shape the way I want, I think I've really been internalizing my feelings in bad ways that we as creatives sometimes do. It's like, why can't I get this thing to be the way I want, what is wrong with me? Well, sometimes getting into that frame of mind is a downward spiral because it creates unneeded negative energy which further pushes us into the spiral. Anyway, so this past weekend, I went away with a couple of friends to Lightning in a Bottle, a music festival in Santa Barbara. It was cold and rainy, but I camped out there with a few really fun friends. We laughed a lot, listened to amazing music, and just kind of chilled out for three days. The music was so incredible, The Glitch Mob, Ana Sia, other low level bass shit, it was great to just get my dance on. For some reason, after those couple of days, I feel a whole new sense of energy. I feel positive, and I had a really good breakthrough with the writing issue I was struggling with. Usually, when I'm blocked with something, I make tons of notes, list, bios and other things to help me, but I think that sometimes, taking a very short breather is the best medicine... Or just getting some low level dance on!


Summer is Upon Us!

It's been a while since I posted to this blog... I don't know, I guess I've been feeling a little down for the past couple of weeks. January through the end of April was such a time of crazy hustle. Between teaching and putting the film together, I was running around like a crazy person. Now, it's suddenly summer, and the goal of making this movie happen is just around the corner, which means so many things, but mostly, it's about all of the financing coming together. If everything goes as planned, then we'll be okay. But in order for us to get there, there is so much that has to happen... This is the point in the process where you have to have faith, and pray that all of the ideas, energies and thoughts that you've puts out into the world will actually yield something. I mean, I've been busting my ass, now all I can do is keep following up and make it happen... It's weird because I've put so much of myself into this process, it's like, summer suddenly came, and I was like, now what? Usually, I line up teaching, freelance projects, etc for the summer, but this summer, I've been so about the film, I haven't lined much of anything up. But I think it's a good thing--I'm totally focused on making it happen, which means it will happen. I'm also re-writing a script of mine to really make it work. I've spent the past eight months on this piece, and I basically realized that the piece needs a more fresh POV. It's so much work, and I'm truly going a little crazy with the process, but I believe that this new POV/direction will help. I think I've been feeling a bit of that heavy weight like, man, I've put so much energy and effort out, will it actually go some place? I know it will, and I try to stay positive, but this career path is so hard for this reason--just because you put out ideas, it doesn't mean they're going anywhere. But besides the financing, I am also working on looking for production designers, cast and all of the pieces of the puzzle required to make a movie happen. It's all tricky, but I know it has to come together after all of this...


A Moment of Thanks!

Over the past two years, Megha and I have been hustling our butts off to make Raspberry Magic happen. It's not an easy process or a sane one as I've said here many times, but the thing that makes it good are all of the people who've been so supportive and so helpful. It's tough to knock on doors and get lots of no's, but honestly, for every no we've gotten, we've had tons of yes's. There have been so many people who've said, I know people who know people, or I will read the business plan and see what I can do. So, for all of the positive people out there who have touched us in some small or big way, I just want to say thank you, it's def. people like you who keep us going on a daily basis!!!


Crazy Time

The past few months have been an insane roll coaster ride--we've had some big leads on the financing front, then lots of waiting. I can't believe it's almost summer, and I am done with teaching for the spring. Now, it's crazy time, meaning we are set on shooting the movie this fall, so it means that we have to pull a number of things together. Our biggest task right now is to cast the young girls and finish raising all of our money. I have a feeling we'll be raising the money until the very last moment, but casting is a very big job, especially in terms of the little girls. I'm excited about shooting in Humboldt County, as well, and hope to spend a bit of time up there this summer to scout the locations. The other big question is shooting format. We've been exploring shooting on the new RED cameras, and my DP is thinking about purchasing one. But, a few people have told it's dicey in post, so we're weighing all of the options. Red sounds incredible, and many more people are using it now, we just wouldn't use the 4000K setting. So, I guess starting now it's officially hustle time!! Time to really pull all of the pieces together and make this film happen.