Moving Forward

Over the past few months, I've gone through some tough family things, and I think have kind of been stalling on my next move. I've been teaching a lot which is awesome, and really concentrating on writing. In terms of my filmmaking, I feel somewhat scattered, like do I pursue a "Hollywood" writing career, or do I hustle and just make a feature. I heard Miranda July, Duncan Tucker, Gregg Araki and several other indie filmmakers speak at a panel last night, and I felt seriously recharged. Here in LA, I think it's easy to forget craft and get caught in in the lure of "quick success." Yet you meet so many people here who are chasing something empty. Whether you are pursuing writing, directing or acting, you have the first have the passion and truly love what you're doing. So for me, hustling toward a feature feels more ideal. I love getting out there and meeting people. I'd love to meet some energetic producers with vision. My present goal is to really tighten my feature scripts and apply to the upcoming labs. I really want to go through a lab to polish my scripts and work with a mentor. There is a part of me that wants to go out and shoot another short too, but I'm going to hold off and focus on these scripts.

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